On Fri, Aug 07, 2009 at 12:14:15AM +0200, Polytropon wrote:
> On Wed, 5 Aug 2009 19:51:00 -0700, Gary Kline <kl...@thought.org> wrote:
> >     Been thinking over what someone said recently about restricting or
> >     dropping further ports.  BSD is the best opensource system around.  But
> >     keeping everything current is painful. 
> If you're not running a public or mission critical server - then
> don't do it. I've used a 5.4 installation for many years without
> any problems, and without the need to update something. But I'm
> crazy anyway. :-)

        well, thought.org is public, but i just have the basics.
        it is a Server, period.  
> > Does anybody know if PCBSD is as
> >     pushbutton as, say, Ubuntu is? 
> Quite. You won't have major problems because English already is
> your native language. If you're comfortable with KDE and will be
> using the PBI installer (read: "Push Button Installer"), it can
> be a fine system. Even OS updates are distributed in PBI format.

        Super!  just offhand, can i install PCSD *over* thius FBSd
        --7.1--? Keep /usr/home and so on?  Or is PCBSD a 
        do-it-from-scratch?  (I'm pretty much OS agnostic [[so long
        as it's somethng like UNIX]], but here I know where things
        live...   With ubuntu, diff't story.)

> > I'll always use FreeBSD on my DNS,
> >     apache22, and mail server side.  Zero crashes in 7 years.  But if I want
> >     to play music or watch a DVD--or do serious web video stuff--I use 
> > Ubuntu.
> "Serious web video stuff" - how many contradictions does this
> statement include? :-) No, seriously: Especially if you rely on
> "Flash", Linux doesn't seem to be as... well... problematic? as
> FreeBSD.

        hm, not sure how much flash is used, really.  i just avoid as
        much of it as I can.  if i can  watch a public broadcasting 
        stream i usually KVM over to my Ubntu box.  ....mmmm.
        Hope the just-works PCBSD just-works here.

> >     I'd like to say kilowatts by having one "tao" that can handle everything
> >     from hacking code to playing a movie.
> That's FreeBSD to me since 4.0, but I have to admit that my needs
> haven't yet grown to all the "modern web media" stuff...

        i am not that into the-tube... but for science broadcasts,
        yep.  especially things i've missed and are somewhere online.

        thanks for the datapoints!


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