On Thu, 6 Aug 2009 17:25:07 -0700, Gary Kline <kl...@thought.org> wrote:
>       Super!  just offhand, can i install PCSD *over* thius FBSd
>       --7.1--? Keep /usr/home and so on? 

basically yes. Check if the installer allows you NOT to format
the partition where you have your home directories. If it is /usr/home
instead of /home (its own partition), problems may occur. Maybe you
delete everything from /usr EXCEPT the home/ subtree and then tell
the PC-BSD installer NOT to format the /usr partition. So your home
directories should be intact.

Keep copies of /etc/group,passwd et al. so you won't have to add
all the users (if you have more than one) manually.

> Or is PCBSD a 
>       do-it-from-scratch? 

As FreeBSD, PC-BSD's "underlying OS", you are not forced to wipe

> (I'm pretty much OS agnostic [[so long
>       as it's somethng like UNIX]], but here I know where things
>       live...   With ubuntu, diff't story.)

Some people say that PC-BSD is the Ubuntu of the BSD's, or worse,
the "Windows" in the UNIX world. :-)

>       hm, not sure how much flash is used, really.  i just avoid as
>       much of it as I can.  if i can  watch a public broadcasting 
>       stream i usually KVM over to my Ubntu box.  ....mmmm.
>       Hope the just-works PCBSD just-works here.

Should be no problem to forward X from the Ubuntu box to PC-BSD.
There's even a "Flash" plugin available as PBI.

>       i am not that into the-tube...

Therefore, thetube-dl -a exists. :-)

> but for science broadcasts,
>       yep.  especially things i've missed and are somewhere online.

Too sad such stuff mostly isn't provided in a standardized video
format (even streaming format)...

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