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>> Can someone who has already done this upgrade suggest the best way to go
>> about it?  Do I need to completely uninstall kde3 first?  Is there an
>> upgrade path that's not fraught with gotchas?
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>> Paul Schmehl, Senior Infosec Analyst
> Unless things have changed very recently, KDE4 is in its own directory
> folder.  This may imply that KDE3 and KDE4 can coexist.
> As always, YMMV.

I was looking for something a little more definitive, like I upgraded like
this, and here's the problems I ran into.

I don't want to run KDE3 and KDE4 side by side.  I want to migrate from
the former to the latter.

There are features that haven't made it to kde4 such as koffice. I added
OpenOffice but that can be a long compile. One of my favorite sites crashes
konqueror, which wasn't a problem on kde3. I left my slower machine, which I
use for e-mail, and web browsing running kde3 and play with kde4 on my system
that can do a portupgrade -pfR kde4 in 7 hours and build OO in less than 2
hours. It is running kde-4.3 now and it has been recursively rebuilt. The
browser crash is still there. I can use the packages of common ports to
update the slower machine. They are on a 4-port kvm and it is too easy to
simply use the machine that works the best.

Thanks, Kent. That's very useful information. I'm going to stick with KDE3 a while longer. This is my primary workstation, so I don't want to be chasing demons all day.

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