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> >> So I guess the question now is, if I can mount it manually, why
> >> doesn't it mount during the boot process?
> >>
> > I'd give it an fsck or two (more than one has been needed once or
> > twice)
> So I've been thinking about how to run fsck...
> At the moment, I have to boot from an install cd, go into fixit mode,
> and mount filesystems by hand. I am mounting them to a mount point
> like /mnt/root and /mnt/home, etc.
> Do I just do a command like:
> fsck /mnt/root
> Should I use any flags? Should I mount the filesystems read write or read
> only?

fsck is run when all file systems are unmounted!

If you can, choose single use mode, press enter when it says something like
"/bin/sh" (I don't remember the wordings) and then on the subsequent
# fsck -y [Press enter here]

That is all you need. Once it completes, it will bring back the prompt (the
hash prompt). If there are no major problems detected, you can simply go
ahead and type "exit" at the prompt and press enter and see what happens.

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