Yesterday I upgraded from 7.2 to 8.0beta2, had some issues with fuse.ko
and linux compat, but rebuilt and worked ok, I'm having problems trying
to mount my SATA 250GB HD, because it just finds one partition
(/dev/ad4s1), but I really have 2 partitions there
(/dev/ad4s5 /dev/ad4s6) which are ntfs, when i use FreeSBIE live cd to
boot it recognizes both partition (/dev/ad4s5 /dev/ad4s6) and can mount
them and read the info which I have stored, but when i boot with
8.0BETA2 just find /dev/ad4s1.
any ideas what could that be?, i have tried to boot either generic and
custom kernel.
and got this message on dmesg

Juan Esteban Martinez Restrepo <>

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