Gary Kline wrote:

        Super!  just offhand, can i install PCSD *over* thius FBSd
--7.1--? Keep /usr/home and so on? Or is PCBSD a do-it-from-scratch? (I'm pretty much OS agnostic [[so long
        as it's somethng like UNIX]], but here I know where things
        live...   With ubuntu, diff't story.)

Yes you can if your /usr/home is a separate partition (or on a separate slice). I'm back to FreeBSD now but when using PCBSD I create a / and a /usr/home. It works very well, I can do a whole fresh install on / without touching the /usr/home partition. The installer lets you do this (but back up first just in case). Then a bit of fiddling with fstab and users and it is all go.

        hm, not sure how much flash is used, really.  i just avoid as
much of it as I can. if i can watch a public broadcasting stream i usually KVM over to my Ubntu box. ....mmmm.
        Hope the just-works PCBSD just-works here.

PCBSD has flash sorted out, you can watch youtube, news website embedded video etc. Actually FreeBSD has flash sorted out as well...

I think they have done a very good job, I would say give it a try.

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