Mark Stosberg wrote:
I'll just say it plainly:

/var/db/pkg is long gone and there is no backup. It was not copied to new a machine.

Is there is any hope of being able to use the ports or packages system in a
meangingful way again?

My sense is that some recovery is possible, but may be prohibitively expensive.

Thanks for any tips!

There are a lot of common places the files would be installed such as bin, sbin, lib, libexec under %%PREFIX%%. You can use `find dir -type f | xargs -n1 -Ifoo sh -c "echo -n foo:; pkg_which foo"` to obtain the list of known files (pkg_which is part of ports-mgmt/portsupgrade). After that you can reinstall all packages that provide files with missing origin. I bet you should use the same /usr/ports you have last time when /var/db/pkg was full, just to be very close to pkg-plist.

Other ways can include moving all %%PREFIX%% to %%PREFIX%%.old and building all ports from scratch.

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