>> Looks like your hardware is dying/dead.
> Sadly, I agree.
> Reset BIOS CMOS data (hardware jumper on motherboard)
> Enter RAID controller BIOS, (re)set your "boot drive"
> But it looks like a fundamental BIOS control issue is malfunctioning.
> Do you have a PCI Diagnostics card?  One like the following?
> http://www.uxd.com/phdpci.shtml
> (I'm not saying that exact model, but rather a device that is able to
> see BIOS codes through the PCI bus that can tell very technical detail
> to tech support at the motherboard's vendor (you said Intel, right?).)
> Hardware rarely up and dies.  Have you tried swapping RAM chips out,
> or re-ordering them to see if it might be a RAM problem?
> Maybe we're not passing POST, or that we're passing POST but the
> bootable device list is not finding bootable medium.
> These kind of issues intrigue me, because it is out of the norm, and
> why did it happen.
> I'd get to the point of swapping hardware one at a time until it
> fixes, or until you exhaust your options.  Have any kind of support
> contract with the OEM?

I do have a support contract and I'm going to dump this right in their
lap. Two machines we bought from them -- pretty expensive ones -- and
both have had hardware failures. And they are only a couple of years
old. I'm not too happy with them at the moment.

Well, I need to focus on getting my poor customers back online, so
will have to put this problem aside for the weekend.

As usual, thanks for the help and support from all. FreeBSD is the
best OS, and this group is the best (by far) support group I've ever
belonged to. I do appreciate it and I hope someday I'll know enough to
give the kind of help I've gotten here.

Brgds: John
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