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> > mobius# dig +short _http._tcp.update.freebsd.org srv
> > (returns nothing)
> This is typically either due either to broken SRV support
> in DNS, or
> the absence of full dns on a private network behind
> proxies. Perhaps
> you need to set HTTP_PROXY.

I currently have my little westell DSL router set to be my DNS for all my boxes 
behind it.  While a neat little box, it has its issues from time to time.  
Should I at least point my DNS to the DNS it uses to save an extra relay? 

Sort of off topic, but it has begun to annoy me that Verizon has decided to 
redirect requests to domains that don't exist to their search pages.  I haven't 
noticed they are proxying, but they could be if they did so reasonably 
transparently.  And, with hijacking nonexistent domains, they've led me to 
believe they COULD be doing something goofy like that.  Is there any easy way 
to actually confirm or deny they're doing more goofy stuff?

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