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> Okay, I'm back with another question (but let me begin by saying I
> love FreeBSD.  It really is great.  Thank you for building/supporting
> it.)
> I have one of those $300 Presario laptop's, and it's really wonderful
> -- it compares very well to laptops' selling for $2k to even $3k.
> But the video driver is an AMD 8200M nvidia device and I can't get X
> to configure it.  And I have to run X.  What do I do?
> I've tried:
> X -configure
> that fails.
> I notice that PC-BSD will configure it correctly but for other reasons
> I have to run native 7.2 FreeBSD -- PC-BSD won't do.
> I am not very X experienced (mostly use the ordinary screens,) so I
> will need pretty explicit assistance.  Sorry.

As root, run: Xorg -configure

       The Xorg server config file can be  found  in  a  range  of  locations.
       These  are  documented fully in the xorg.conf(5) manual page.  The most
       commonly used locations are shown here.

       /etc/X11/xorg.conf            Server configuration file.

       /etc/X11/xorg.conf-4          Server configuration file.

       /etc/xorg.conf                Server configuration file.

       /usr/local/etc/xorg.conf      Server configuration file.

       /usr/local/lib/X11/xorg.conf  Server configuration file.

Be sure to copy the newly created xorg.conf file to the appropriate
directory. Make sure the file permissions and ownership are also
correct. I use 0644 and it works well.

Check out: man Xorg and man xorg.conf for further details.


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