Nerius Landys wrote:
I am creating a simple network bridge (as described in
which consists of 5 network interface cards.  Function-wise, it's
basically acting as a switch.  However, I want to assign an IP address
to the machine with the 5 NICs.

So far without the bridge everything is working perfectly, and my
/etc/rc.conf looks like this:

ifconfig_em0="inet  netmask"

You should remove this ifconfig_em0 setting ...

And I have a NAT (using pf) to allow the 192.168.0.x hosts to directly
reach the outside internet.  fxp4 is the external network card.  My
other network cards that I want to make part of the internal network
(acting as a switch) are fxp0 through fxp3.  So I'm not sure what to
do with my rc.conf.  In the handbook it says to add these lines:

ifconfig_bridge0="addm em0 addm fxp0 addm fxp1 addm fxp2 addm fxp3 up"

... and then add all of these lines to the rest of the existing rc.conf

How should I intermingle these lines with my existing rc.conf, and/or
which lines should I remove?  I want em0, fxp0, fxp1, fxp2, and fxp3
to be a bridge and be assigned the IP address

To give the whole ensemble an IP address, simply set the IP on the bridge0
interface.  I think you can do it most easily by adding this line,


but in case that doesn't work correctly, just extend the ifconfig_bridge0

ifconfig_bridge0="addm em0 addm fxp0 addm fxp1 addm fxp2 addm fxp3 inet  netmask up"

See the section on network_interfaces in rc.conf(5) for more detail and
some other possibilities.



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