hello list,

I have searched the web for hours and I cant seem to find a recent How
to for my project.

I have 2 FreeBSD 8 machines 1 at my office and 1 at a colo datacenter.
I have 2 DSL connections at my office,  Would like a recipe to bond
the connections
to the datacenter FreeBSD box via L2 netgraph tunnels.

the goal is to combine the DSL download speeds for a single tcp connection.
after much searching I believe netgraph is the most elegant way to achieve this
Would the Lagg driver be a good choice for bonding both sides?

Setup info

My DSL lines both have seprate static IP's from my telco, the telco
does not support MLPPP
my inside office network is 192.168.1.x, and the data center has a
single static ip

I could get more if I need them. I assume I would assign the
datacenter side of the tunnel a
192.168.1.x address and use that as my gateway and run pf at the data
center with nat.

I am sure there are several people out there that understand netgraph
and could post config

Thank you in advance

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