Al Plant wrote:
Polytropon wrote:
Allthough I'm not familiar with the particular problem you
described, I observed that the history sometimes (!) does
not survive a reboot. It may have to do with a situation
where more than one shell is running. Idea: The last shell
closed (even forced) saves its history, so the history of
the other shells gets lost.

I've set those globally in /etc/csh.cshrc:

    set history = 100
    set savehist = 100

Sometimes, history survives, sometimes it doesn't. Very

Aloha Poly,

I'm glad to have somebody confirm this. I thought it was funny that this was happening.

I have earlier CURRENT 8 running on a couple of machines and they never acted this way.

This is root that is doing this on my test box.
 set history = 100
 set savehistory = 100
are in the .cshrc file.

I'll look in /etc/csh.cshrc


Yeah. The history mechanism in tcsh doesn't cope very well with multiple ttys being closed down at once, as you tend to find when logging out of an X session. You get the history from just one of those shells.
It's not a complete cure, but telling the shell to merge it's history with
what's already there:

       set history = 500
       set savehist = (1000 merge)

This helps, but it is not completely reliable when several shells are shutdown
in quick succession.



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