As part of my server recovery operation, I want to split off my mail
server onto it's own server. I've never built a mail server before, so
I'm debating how to go about it.

The old mail server was built with a toaster, and frankly, I knew how
to use it, but never understood how it worked. I'm in a hurry to get
it up, so I'm tempted to use a toaster again, but I'm worried that
I'll spend a lot of time on it, and it won't work because I don't
understand what it has installed, etc.

I need to use qmail because that's what was used on the old
mailserver, and all my backups are in Maildir format. I don't have
time to mess around converting all that mail to another format, so
that's my one fixed requirement.

My first goal is to just get mail working, but ultimately, I'll want
spam filtering, a web interface, etc.

So, my question: should I use a toaster? And if so, which one?

The machine that it will run on will only have two apps on it: mail
server and secondary dns (tinydns).

Any advice, much appreciate.

Thanks: John
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