On Tue, 11 Aug 2009 05:17:09 +1000 Alex R wrote:
> Boris Samorodov wrote:
> > On Mon, 10 Aug 2009 18:30:22 +1000 Alex R wrote:

> >> /usr/obj/usr/src/sys/boot/i386/boot2/../btx/btx/btx -l boot2.ldr  -o
> >> boot2.ld -P 1 boot2.bin
> >> btxld:No such file or directory
> >> *** Error code 1

> > This error (not only with btxld but with some random file) often
> > occures when the system timer has been changed (imho stepped back)
> > while the system is building/installing world. World rebuilding
> > helps in that case. 

> Why might the system timer do this? I am confused. The thing that

Well, there are too many possibilities here. Like some run an
ntpdate command. If you have logs you may check them up.

> ended up fixing it was completely rebuilding /usr/src (deleting the
> dir and installing the system sources via csup again)

Seems like the case I supposed.

> It's a new computer so perhaps there is some compatibility problem or
> fault with the machine? During a couple of port builds, I noticed a
> few processes relating to the build of a port had died with signal 10
> in dmesg (bus error i think this means), and during a build of apache,
> something called confcheck had died with signal 12.

Hm, that is not good imho. Smells like hardware fault.

> I ran memtest86 on this system for about 6 hours and after about 20
> passes, no errors reported.

Memory is only one system component. A processor/disk may be overheated,
coolers stopped, etc. A very good test is make world (one after another
several times).

WBR, bsam
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