Well this is tghe first time iv ever messaged this place, iv been a huge
Free BSD fan for a long time, (well not that long because iv only had a
computer for 3 years but i did learn fast) me personally, i have no problem
with Windows, to me an OS is as good as the person with root :) lol. but
honestly i like Windows, i also Like Linux, Free BSd and open BSd and BeOS,
i mean i have respect for every OS because even though i dont know how to
program i do understand how it works and to build ANY OS would be hard to
me, im not that great at Free BSD in particular but i can use Linux and i do
daily and i can use a command line and i know how to use shells and GUIs, i
bought Free BSD power pack back when 4.0 was a bit new, i still read that
book all the time, i can still say i love it though because i know how the
system goes and i have a huge amount of respect for Free BSD and the team
who makes it happen, i think its awesome (i dont mean to steal this post but
i saw he was talking about his computer life and i thought hey what the hell
i will to) im 20 years old and i go to college and work in a fast food
restaraunt. anyway good job to everyone from the BSD teams if you see this.

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