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> I just finished setting up 7.2 with all my programs installed,
> configured & working fine with recovered files all working fine and just
> as I boot up to start backing up everything... WHAM... the boot-up
> kind-of hobbles and boots up.
> I am called away from the computer and when I return - goodie, goodie,
> there is a dump of some 177 mbs and the poor computer is trying to r
> eboot... but that's it. And the
> I scan the guilty drive and it's the very first, boot, sector that is
> Baaaaaad. And the regenerator program doesn't go any further. :-(
> Other than booting up with livefs and trying to copy everything to
> another disk, is there something else that I should do?
> I think it should work if I connect the drive to USB ...
> But before, I thought I should listen to some sage advice... :-)
> Anyone? TIA

I think you've got the right idea.  If the drive is funky, get your data
off it while you can.

Bill Moran
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