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On Sun, 2009-08-09 at 08:34 -0700, Richard Mahlerwein wrote:
I'm redoing the whole process in single user mode.  My guess is I
goofed something during mergemaster and devd.conf is messed up.
(Mergemaster is, undeniably, my least favorite utility).

I lost practically all of my 'mergemaster pain' when I adopted the habit
of using it with -iUP options:

        -i      Automatically install any files that do not exist in the des-
                tination directory.
        -P      Preserve files that you replace in
                /var/tmp/mergemaster/preserved-files-<date>, or another
                directory you specify in your mergemaster rc file.
        -U      Attempt to auto upgrade files that have not been user modi-

"Try it - you'll like it!"

That's one way to do it.  Another is to use /etc/mergemaster.rc.  Here's mine:

# less /etc/mergemaster.rc
# Automatically install files that do not exist
# Automatically upgrade files that have not been edited
# Ignore files that I don't want changed
# Do not display changes that only affect whitespace
# Ignore CVS id lines to stop replacing files where only that line has changed

I never have issues with mergemaster because of this file.

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