Evenin' folks,

I have an old Pentium 120Hz machine that is acting as a firewall/gateway for my 

Recently, the 4GB hard drive started to make strange noises and drive errors started 
popping up. So I replaced the hard drive with the smallest new hard drive I could get 
hold of - a 20GB.

Straight away, *strange* things started to happen. In the BIOS setup screens, I got it 
to auto-detect the new drive settings, and got a bit of a surprise. You see it only 
detected it as a 8GB hard drive. Whats more, when the system booted at the hard drive 
detection stage, the system locked. I also tried manually entering the correct hard 
drive settings, but the BIOS would not accept them.

Finally, in desperation, I tried entering the drive settings of the old hard drive. 
Surprisingly, it worked. Or at least, the boot process passed the drive detection 
stage. I successfully installed FreeBSD and I now have a fully working 
firewall/gateway machine again.

Theres just one problem. When FreeBSD boots, I get the following...
Disk error 0x1 (lba=0x14b09f)
No /boot/loader

>> FreeBSD/i386 BOOT
Default: 0:ad(0,a)/kernel

After a few seconds, or when I press the enter key, FreeBSD boots as normal, with the 
following message...
WARNING: loader(8) metadata is missing

...followed with the usual config details that show up when you enter the 'dmesg' 

Now I admit that this is fairly minor. The system does boot, and everything else seems 
to be working as normal, but I would like to get this sorted. From what I can find on 
the net, I suspect its to do with the boot information not being on the hard drive 
within the first 1024 cylinders.

Anyone know a way to *fix* this? Or if I reinstall fro scratch, will creating the 
/boot mount point, and setting it to a size of 1024 cylinders work?

Any help you folks could provide would be great! I dont really want to reinstall, but 
if its the only way. *shrugs*



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