> Are you suggesting that continuous reinstalling of a program numerous
> times until it works is a Windows-only tactic?

Bad software exists on every platform, in proportion to the platform's
installed base.

> To the Original Poster: The easiest way to remove FreeBSD and get back
> to a Windows environment would be to simply boot from a Windows install
> CD, and have the installer delete all 'partitions' it finds (including
> "unknown").

Correct, and counter to another posters statement that Windows attempts to
wipe entire disks when installing.  Yes, that's the default choice, which is
perfectly reasonable, but no Windows Setup will erase entire disks without
plenty of warnings and give users the opportunity to keep existing
partitions, including types it does not recognize.  Since Windows 2000, the
Setup program allows for deletion of partitions, creating one or more new
partitions, formatting them, etc.  Same as the FreeBSD setup, without the
disk slices.

> This of course will require having the Windows install CD. Your desktop
> may still have a sticker with a license key on it, in which case, you
> can simply borrow the Windows CD from someone else if you don't own one.

In addition, most laptop companies will provide replacement media on
request.  Oftentimes, a new laptop ships with a manufacturer-specific
recovery CD/DVD that contain OEM version of Windows, customized for that
manufacturer.  If that disk is not available, check the manufacturers
support website on how to get a replacement.  Downloading one might be an

As you said Steve, the important thing is the COA sticker - Certificate of
Authenticity/Proof of License.  Usually on the bottom of the laptop, but
sometimes affixed to printed materials included with the computer.

Good luck to the original poster; maybe try out FreeBSD on another machine,
or when the laptop is too old to run modern versions of Windows.

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