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Rich Winkel <r...@math.missouri.edu> writes:

> I'm trying to run mathlm for mathematica version 7 under linux_base-fc-4_13 on
> freebsd 7.1-release-p7.
> It demonizes and appears to be happy until I try to run mathematica,
> then it crashes with signal 11.  Even running monitorlm causes it
> to crash.  Maxing out the loglevel doesn't produce any more info.
> Looking at the last access times in /compat/linux/etc, it opens host.conf,
> ld.so.cache and nsswitch.conf before dying.  
> Has anyone seen this before?  Any help would be much appreciated!!

As for me I can say that there were many changes to linuxulator
not only at FreeBSD-7.2 but at 7-STABLE. Can you try it or even
8-BETA and report back? BTW, 8-BETA has linux_base-f10 as a default
linux base port.

WBR, bsam
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