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>> From: "Tim Judd" <taj...@gmail.com>
>> I don't use ZFS, UFS2 works fine for me.  I would find it
>> ridiculous to see ZFS support in the installer, but all GEOM
>> should be supported. Especially the raid3 and mirror.
> So, you like the idea of including RAID3 and mirror because that suits your
> needs, but my desire to see ZFS support is unreasonable because you don't
> have a need for ZFS?

Valid point.  I didn't make the clarification that I should have.
graid3 and gmirror have reached the maturity and dedicated to the
system, whereas ZFS is still experimental.  When ZFS is no longer
considered experimental, I would expect ZFS support in the installer
in the same expectation I am expecting graid3 and gmirror to be.

It's all about the status of ZFS itself, rather than the fact that it works.

Does this paint a better picture to you of what I forgot to clarify in
my original posting?

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