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>> I'm trying to get my CD drive to work without so much success.
>> Reading is fine, but when I try to burn a CD I get errors in dmesg.
>>Using cdrecord -blank=fast dev=3,0,0 I get:
> First, I hope that you are using sysutils/cdrtools-devel rather than
> sysutils/cdrtools.  The latter is several years out of date, and the
> upstream maintainer of the software has said that no one should be
> using it, but the maintainer of the FreeBSD port has so far been
> unwilling to update it.
> ...
>>And dmesg shows:
>>acd0: FAILURE - READ_BUFFER ILLEGAL REQUEST asc=0x24 ascq=0x00
>>acd0: FAILURE - MODE_SELECT_BIG ILLEGAL REQUEST asc=0x26 ascq=0x00
> It is not unusual for some errors to appear, even during normal
> operation, so these don't necessarily indicate a problem, although it
> was good that you posted them.  You should run the cdrecord command
> with -vv (yes, two v's) to get verbose error messages from cdrecord.
> This should give you a better idea of why cdrecord is failing.  If the
> error messages from -vv are not enough, you can also add -VV, although
> this affects the timing of the operations, and should be used with
> care when recording.
> I have had problems like this in the past, when a disk was corrupted,
> and cdrecord balked at blanking it.  I used blank=all with either the
> -immed flag, or the -force flag, or both, to solve the problems.

Honestly I didn't think this was the problem, but it seems I've had a
bad virgin CD set.
Two of them (of a set of 5) seem to work fine. I can write, rewrite
and blank them.

Aaarrghh! sorry for the noise. Nevertheless, I will try to update to
cdrtools-devel since I have cdrtools installed

Thanks to all of you.

> If you are using cdrtools, you should probably use the cd(4) driver
> together with atapicam(4), rather than the acd(4) driver.  To prevent
> possible problems, it is safer to prevent both drivers from attaching
> to the same device.  I usually remove:
> device atapicd
> from my kernel, and just use:
> device ata
> device atapicam
> device scbus
> device cd
> device pass
> I don't know whether it is possible to disable the acd(4) driver using
> just loader.conf(5), device.hints(5), or some other means at boot- or
> run-time, but you could look into that if you don't want to go to the
> trouble of removing it from your kernel.

> b.
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