On Friday 07 March 2003 10:32 pm, Bob Perry wrote:
> Recently tried to upgrade my 4.5 box using the 4.7 CDs and ran into a
> problem which left me with a partially upgraded system.
> I have a 14 GB hard disk so I chose to load all of the canned
> distributions. During the early stages of the upgrade, I received a message
> indicating that "/usr/src" was not loaded and should be upgraded using the
> CVSup instead. OK.

That doesn't seem like a problem

> The next set of messages were more problematic and appeared in the
> following order:
>     Add of packages freetype2-2.1.1 aborted, error code 1
>     Loading of dependent package freetype2-2.1.2 failed
>     Loading of dependent package XFree86 -libraries -4.2.1-1 failed
>     Loading of dependent XFree86-FontServer -4.2.0 failed

no biggie, you can load all these packages later anyway.

> The next message appeared after the program was "...making slices...":
>     Hmmm, couldn't even extract the bin distribution.  Start over.
> So, I did...three times not realizing that my original kernel was being
> trashed along with my config files.  I'm a newbie of sorts and I've spent
> the last week fussing and fuming over the time wasted so far with, what I
> thought, should have been a relatively simple process.  I'm over it and
> ready to move on.  I ran the upgrade again, this time leaving out anything
> to do with the X  System.  It ran successfully (?) however, I need to
> restore/reinstall certain files this weekend to make it whole again.
> What did I miss?  Does one have to become an "expert" to work with this OS?

Well even after reading the biggest hairiest warning that binary upgrade can 
trash your system and leave you with a completely unable to work system, you 
still did it?

> BTW, I did back up my 4.5 system before attempting the upgrade.

That seems the best choice you made.  Binary upgrade has never worked well 
that I know of.  I think because the source upgrade method works so well.

So i would either back up and reinstall (easiest), or do a source rebuild from 
where you are at.   But if your system is working then just go ahead and use 
it.  if not, upgrade.  I would expect you will have problems after a binary 
upgrade, but who knows.

If you want to do the source upgrade, see the chapter in the 
www.freebsd.org/handbook on cutting edge.  Even if you don't want to go to 
-current or -stable, the same method outlined there will work to rebuild your 

have fun, and think of all you're learning!


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