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>        if there are tools to do this, please point me at them, but i
>        want to send out a snail and/or email|HTML|whatever to a handful
>        of companies that i hope to find online.
>        I'm guessing the inside address would me something like
>        Company Name
>        Address
>        Company Email
>        Attn Mr. Smith:
>        [my canned letter]
>        i forget if the inside address is before the recipient
>        address--I *think* so.   is there a way of having date output
>        the format "15 August, 2009" rather than my usual, 15aug09?
>        I am pretty sure these people are most accustomed to GUI/html
>        mail, so is there a way of invoking evo with html capability?
>        if there are web pointers on this, puleeze clue me in!
>        thanks much,
>        gary
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> Not entirely clear on you goal here, but if this is a repetitive thing any
of the major scripting lang Perl,PHP,Python etc is easily up to the task.
Otherwise OpenOffice merge works great too once you get the hang of it.

Adam Vande More
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