Gary Kline wrote:
On Sat, Aug 15, 2009 at 10:07:15PM -0500, Adam Vande More wrote:
On Sat, Aug 15, 2009 at 6:49 PM, Gary Kline <> wrote:

       if there are tools to do this, please point me at them, but i
       want to send out a snail and/or email|HTML|whatever to a handful
       of companies that i hope to find online.

       I'm guessing the inside address would me something like

       Company Name
       Company Email

       Attn Mr. Smith:

       [my canned letter]

       i forget if the inside address is before the recipient
       address--I *think* so.   is there a way of having date output
       the format "15 August, 2009" rather than my usual, 15aug09?

       I am pretty sure these people are most accustomed to GUI/html
       mail, so is there a way of invoking evo with html capability?

       if there are web pointers on this, puleeze clue me in!

       thanks much,


 Gary Kline  Public Service

Not entirely clear on you goal here, but if this is a repetitive thing any
of the major scripting lang Perl,PHP,Python etc is easily up to the task.
Otherwise OpenOffice merge works great too once you get the hang of it.

        i'm thinking of a /bin/sh script.  if $1@ caputures a whole line,
that would grab, say
        123 Main Street

        and $2@ would grab

        York, PA 12345-6789

        Actually, I'm trying to figure out something I can reuse if and
        when necessary, including applying for a JOB!!  whatever....



Adam Vande More

t may be a bit of overkill, but you might want to take a look at a customer relationship manager (CRM). Both vtiger and sugarcrm are in ports (the lastest version of vtiger 5.1 is not yet in the ports, but it is a snap ti install, anyway). You have the ability to maintain Contacts and Leads, create merged e-mail templates and other custom templates in vtiger, and it is so flexible you can hack up the code to make it do just about anything you can think of without going nuts trying to figure out how the program does what it does. You need Apache, php5 with some simple extensions, and MySQL (PostgresQL is coming soon). vtiger 5.1 also has an html e-mal editor built in and produces very servicable output.

Leads would be your job prospects, Contacts would be your Leads that actually produced a dialogue. I've adapted it to handle Student marketing enquiries and do customized bulk e-mailings where I work and it is very easy to set-up and use.

Tim Kellers
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