Mark Stapper writes:

Gary Jennejohn wrote:
On Mon, 17 Aug 2009 08:34:42 +0200
Mark Stapper <> wrote:

I'm currently migrating my home desktop from Gentoo linux to FreeBSD
8.0(Beta but it'll be "Stable" soon. Using RELENG_8 btw).
I'm kind of a OS collector/nut/geek/nerd. As such virtualization is
quite important to me.
I've been using VMware Server 2.x on Gentoo for quite some time and,
apart from the new console *barf*, it's been working for me so far.
So needless to say I was hoping for vmware support. Tough luck... Ow
well, the handbook spoke of virtualbox support. Only OSE, but still,
better than nothing.
After trying virtualbox on windows(at work) I decided to give it a go on
FreeBSD amd64...
Issuing make install in the virtualbox directory complained about me not
having any 32-bit libraries installed.

So, how did you install FreeBSD?  From an install image?

You should have a /usr/lib32 by default, unless the image didn't contain
it.  The 32-bit compatibilty libraries are automatically generated by
"make buildworld" as long as MK_LIB32 is not set to "no" (which it is not,
by default).

Maybe you need to do "make buildworld" followed by "make installworld",
assuming you have the src tree installed.

My questions are two fold:
1. Which options do I have when it comes to vritualization on FreeBSD 8

qemu works pretty well, but VirtualBox is the way to go.  I've been using
it under 8-current for a few months and it beats the socks off of qemu

2. How do I install virtualbox on amd64?

See above.  It seems that having /usr/lib32 populated is a prerequisite.

Gary Jennejohn
Thanks all for your reply's.
I was planning on doing a kernel/world upgrade anyway since that's what
I like doing :-) (need to test a patch from Junch-uk Kim anyway...)
Now I really have no more reason not to run FreeBSD as desktop... Maybe
except for good nvidia drivers.....

And Adobe Flash (tm) ;-)

thanks again.

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