Setup - DSL modem/router Static IP of to FreeBSD 7.2-STABLE FreeBSD 7.2-STABLE #0: Sun Aug 2 01:00:16 EDT 2009 i386. DHCP in the .2.10 to .2.100 with two XP machines.

I've turned IPFW off, as well as the modem/router's firewall and the same issue remains.

The FreeBSD box has apache-2.0.63_3 running. host resolves to my public IP address. Ping from any machine hits the public IP. Trying to reach apache or ssh via hostname.TLD or public IP always.. By, all reach http/ssh fine.

With log_in_vain set to 1 and attempting to connect, my logs fill up with
Aug 18 15:05:10 jimmiejaz kernel: TCP: []:1064 to []:80 tcpflags 0x2<SYN>; _syncache_add: Received duplicate SYN, resetting timer and retransmitting SYN|ACK Aug 18 15:05:10 jimmiejaz kernel: TCP: []:1064 to []:80; syncache_timer: Response timeout, retransmitting (2) SYN|ACK

I found this thread. but it's older and doesn't really help.

Anyone happen to have an idea what's going on?

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