Sabeeh Baig wrote:
> So, I've been wondering about something.  FreeBSD is a general purpose
> operating system, even though it has historically only heavily been used on
> servers.  Why is it that FreeBSD doesn't provide a desktop installation,
> something similar to say Debian's option of "Standard Desktop"?  For those
> who need it, it'd be great.

God willing, the majority of effort in regards to FreeBSD will be spent
where it always has.

FreeBSD is not Linux. There are those who are working toward making a
GUI easier-to-implement, but afaik, that is not (and hope not) the
design goal.

Instead of "Desktop" features to appeal to people, what FreeBSD really
needs is people who are willing to take the time to drop the GUI for a
few weeks, and gain a bit of exposure and enlightenment. If it clicks,
you're hooked. If not, then there's Linux and Windows.


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