Steve Bertrand wrote:

> Am I missing something about posting to newsgroups? My understanding is
> ISP's don't utilize them anymore because of the ominous unavoidable
> illegal behaviour.

No -- it's not legal problems, which offer no worse consequences than for
defamatory postings on blogs or forums, but fashion.  A lot of people
seem to prefer to use web forums rather than newsgroups.  I can't see any
particular advantage myself, and I've always preferred the e-mail/netnews
style myself.

(Of course, for old farts like myself, this is a welcome return to the
blessed  golden age of usenet circa 1993 before the ravening hordes of
AOL and it's successors descended upon it...)

Because of that perceived shift, and because running a full-feed NNTP server
is no trivial undertaking, many of the cheaper sort of ISPs have stopped
providing NNTP as a standard part of their offerring.
> If this is the case, ideas on a (legal) workaround so posting to
> text-only newsgroups would be great. Now that this has been brought up,
> I'd be interested if I could barder with another small ISP for this
> functionality. (post on -isp).

There are a number of pay-for net news services available.  The ones I
know of are based in Europe:

See also:



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