Gary Kline <> wrote:
>       Well, this one was/is bizarre.  I finally got my Brother 5250 networked
>       printer to print duplex (AKA noth sides :) using 
>       % lpr file
>       but from OpenOffice, no matter what I do, it only prints on one side.  
> Has
>       anybody runn ito this before and know how to get it to print 
> double-sided?
>       Note that in a day or three I will *finally* be printing off two copies 
> of
>       my thesis, and this will be "single-sided-only" according to the rules. 
>       So really, it's a dontcare.... well, other than I would like to know 
> what
>       and where and why to change this in the OO config.

It works for me, using 3 steps:

1) Use CUPS instead of lpd
2) Install a PPD for the printer that knows about duplex printing
3) Install OOo with CUPS support

I don't know if it's possible to do through lpd, though.

Bill Moran
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