On Wednesday 19 August 2009 07:42:39 BONGANI MANGANYE wrote:
> I know freebsd is free but i would like to know how much will
> I pay if I need additional package like updates and other
> useful software,and can you tell how secure it is how
> protected i will be if i use freebsd

  FreeBSD is released under the BSD license:

  Most third party software is licensed as OSI Approved:

  Some third party software have commercial restrictions,
but are the minor ones...

  The only restrictions that you have to use FreeBSD are
those restrictions which the license have. It also applies
to third party software that you like to use.

  About the security on FreeBSD --- and most FOSS platforms
--- it depends on the system administrator. Reaching
exploitable bugs is strange with a well done configuration.

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