Op woensdag 19 augustus 2009 09:18:15 schreef Steve Bertrand:
> Sabeeh Baig wrote:
> > So, I've been wondering about something.  FreeBSD is a general purpose
> > operating system, even though it has historically only heavily been used
> > on servers.  Why is it that FreeBSD doesn't provide a desktop
> > installation, something similar to say Debian's option of "Standard
> > Desktop"?  For those who need it, it'd be great.
> God willing, the majority of effort in regards to FreeBSD will be spent
> where it always has.
> FreeBSD is not Linux. There are those who are working toward making a
> GUI easier-to-implement, but afaik, that is not (and hope not) the
> design goal.
> Instead of "Desktop" features to appeal to people, what FreeBSD really
> needs is people who are willing to take the time to drop the GUI for a
> few weeks, and gain a bit of exposure and enlightenment. If it clicks,
> you're hooked. If not, then there's Linux and Windows.
> Steve

That seems to be the standard answer here when (periodicaly) this questions 
comes up :-) "We don't need it" (the "we" being the server-gurus). It's that 
or "if you want it, do it yourself".  But to me it seems that the question 
returns regularly and that there must be a certain demand for it. So why don't 
you let the user decide if he wants a bloated desktop or a lean mean server ? 
Now I don't have that option...  That is why I run pc-bsd now. They are able 
to do a GUI install of a desktop on top of a solid OS, something that the 
hardcore server/headless/serial/admins/whatever users here don't seem to care 
And yes, I know this discussion has been done already several times here :-)
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