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> FreeBSD is the one that does let users have an option.  One of
> those options is pcBSD.   There are others who make up a bundle
> with FreeBSD as the base OS that already has your GUI and other
> things built for you -- a FreeBSD desktop.   I hear they install
> real easily and work well.    It is not what I need so I haven't
> tried them, but rather than raile at those who are building a good
> platform, just go and get one of those bundles.   Seems you actually
> have already - a pretty close to FreeBSD based bundle anyway.

Even if you state the existance of FreeBSD based preinstalled
and preconfigured GUI oriented desktop environments, the next
"problem" that will arise is the availability of a live file
system that can be booted and tried out, such as:

        "The $NAME Linux distribution can be run from a DVD
        and I don't have to install it in order to try it
        out. And when I want, I can install it from the same
        media. Why can't FreeBSD have such thing?"

The answer is: Is has. After a short read on the homepage of
the FreeBSD project, the reader will have learned that there
is a live file system (Fixit) on the install CDs or DVDs. But
that's text mode, so no deal.

BUT projects like FreeSBIE feature a XFCE driven FreeBSD based
preinstalled and preconfigured GUI oriented desktop environment
that can be used without installing anything. It's very useful
for diagnostics and recovery preparations. And it's FreeBSD.

I just wanted to mention it, in case a question like above
arises. It usually does. :-)

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