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> 1) Need to able to wipe out any ms-windows stuff, get installed, boot  
> up and running within 60 minutes of my time. Download, svn checkouts,  
> etc. not included. I've tired of spending weekend marathons for "fun"

There's a good procedure for what you're mentioning. It
takes placec on Asus EEEpc.


There's an updated version, too, but I didn't have that
in my bookmarks, and I'm too lazy to google for it. :-)

Additionally, check out the FreeBSD wiki at


about how to get FreeBSD on there.

I'm very sure there are other netbooks that can be used in the
same way.

> 2) Normal user will boot up in graphical interface,

Create user; entry al= in /etc/gettytab; set ~/.login to contain
startx; ~/.xinitrc and / or ~/.xsession to start DE or WM and
"autostart" applications as desired. Or use KDE.

> connect to net,  

Correct settings in /etc/rc.conf for dhclient, or settings for
connecting to WLAN APs using the proper configuration files.

> etc. without anything other than one finger (touchpad?)

It's possible to do this with ZERO fingers, automatically. :-)
As I said, KDE comes with most functionalities needed for

> I'm thinking  
> this is a normal end-user requirement.

I do consider myself as a normal end-user, and I don't have such
a requirement, but finally, end-users are quite different, even in
what they think about other end-users. :-)

> 3) <$200 even possible?

I think it's possible.

> 4) hook up gps units? cronjobs?

First: Don't know, never needed, never tried. Consult documentation
of intended GPS unit.

Second: Yes.

> Am I dreaming?


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