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>       It's been years since I tried CUPS; it gives me fits.  In
>       short, it has never worked. 

With "modern" printers that are not standard compliant, you
almost have no way around CUPS. Printers that can do PS don't
need any printer filter, and those who talk some standard
printer language, such as PCL, are fine with gs drivers,
as apsfilter employs them. PCL can, for example, control
if the printer should use duplex or not, or from which
cassette paper should be taken. This allows you to install
several printers, if you wish to use "redirection" to a
specific printer according to the features you want. And
it's quite easy.

Additionally, it'w roth mentioning that (at least office-class)
network printers do contain their own printer spooler system
that can be remotely controled via FreeBSD.

One of the major downsides of CUPS is, in my opinion, that
it does not allow you to add a parallel printer that is not
connected to the computer at booting time and at the moment
you want to make the installtion. Background story: A friend
wanted me to install CUPS for his parallel inkjet printer.
He told me name and model of the printer, but CUPS didn't
let me install it.

Sadly, there seem to be various printer filters that can be
used on FreeBSD, and you have to select the correct one
according to your printer: none, apsfilter, CUPS, hpijs,
gimp-print, gutenprint...

>       My networked 5250 does come with a configuration panel.
>       Simplex or Duplex.  That lets me do  % lpr <file> single-
>       or double-sided.  Regardless, my OpenOffice only prints on
>       one-sided. [?]

An idea might be the following: OpenOffice outputs to PCL or
PS and defaults to a single page setting that is forced upon
the printer and overriding the preferred setting (duplex) from
the operator panel. I had this problem with the HP Laserjet 4000
duplex, too. My solution was to explicitely check the filter,
a gs command, to take the printer's setting; but that's not 
CUPS, it's apsfilter, the "more lightweight but limited to 
quite standard hardware little brother" of CUPS. :-)

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