Jeff Hamann wrote:
I would like to try some experimental software on a netbook. Can somebody recommend a netbook that can do FreeBSD.


1) Need to able to wipe out any ms-windows stuff, get installed, boot up and running within 60 minutes of my time. Download, svn checkouts, etc. not included. I've tired of spending weekend marathons for "fun" 2) Normal user will boot up in graphical interface, connect to net, etc. without anything other than one finger (touchpad?) I'm thinking this is a normal end-user requirement.
3) <$200 even possible?
4) hook up gps units? cronjobs?

Am I dreaming?

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I installed Manolis desktop (DVD) on a sandisc and it works fine from a USB port on an HP 1000 mini netbook. (The netbook has Ubuntu Linux on the internal drive BTW). So I figured it would work with another UNIX.

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