Terminal history gone.

I cannot get any recent version of FreeBSD 8.* to keep the csh or tcsh history across a "reboot" in root or usr. It stays after "exit" and a new login however. This happens on several machines that previously ran FreeBSD 7* with no issues. One runs AMD64 and one i386 versions.I can load Manolis Kiagias Desk top version on them and it works fine as do other 7.* versions.

I suspect it has to do with PXE ? or something changed in the later versions of 8 Current & BETA 1 and 2 since I have 2 boxes running early versions of 8 CURRENT where everything works fine and the history remains in tact following a reboot.

What can I do to get the history to remain in memory across a reboot? Changing the capicity of set history to greater than 100 does not affect it.


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