Chris Whitehouse wrote:
> John Nielsen wrote:
>> On Wednesday 19 August 2009 12:17:10 Scott Schappell wrote:
>>> In a parallel sort of thread to the current desktop thread, when I
>>> installed FreeBSD 7.2 since I had plenty of disk space and memory I
>>> installed X, however, I don't need it or really want it.
>>> How can I pare that out of the system short of doing a complete
>>> rebuild?
>> Install and run pkg-cutleaves, and let it loop through as many
>> iterations as it needs.
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> To be safe, after you have deleted leaf ports you can install
> ports-mgmt/portmanager and run 'portmanager -s' redirected to a file
> then you will have a list of any missing ports. 'portmanager -u' will
> reinstall them for you. Of course you can probably do the same with
> portmaster or  portupgrade but I've found portmanager does a pretty
> good job.
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You probably allready did this, but you might want to add:
"WITHOUT_X11=yes" to make.conf
This will disable optional X support in certain ports.

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