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On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 09:59:32AM +0200, Erik Norgaard wrote:
Thanks, I couldn't decipher these GEOM_LABEL messages, nice to know that I can stop worrying. But for future incidents, the second question remains:

1. How do I best protect my system from disk errors in case of a crash?

One word: _backups_!

I have a headless system with no spare head to attach and doing single-user blind-folded is further complicated by the fact that I'm not native to the US keyboard layout, so my top priority is that it boots.

If you can connect it to another system (that has a monitor) via a serial null-modem cable and you enable the serial console (see the Handbook), you can
watch the boot process from the other system.

If you don't have anothe machine closeby, you should get a network-accessible
KVM switch with serial connectors. [maybe something like this:] With such a switch and the serial console you should be able to watch the boot
of the machine remotely.

Ok, maybe I didn't make myself clear: I wish to protect my filesystem against corruption in case of a crash such that it will boot.

- How can I configure my system to reduce the probability that a crash will cause file system inconsistencies that require single user mode intervention?

backups does not answer that question, they are great for recovering lost data but don't prevent the crash.

KVM and serial console don't answer the question either. Certainly, it makes it easier to work headless. But neither prevent disk corruption.

UPS reduces the likelyhood of a crash in case of a power failure, but that doesn't answer the question either.

Asume that a crash will happen, how do I prevent or reduce the risk of a crash causing disk corruption such that the system will boot up nicely again?

BR, Erik
If u want to reduce the posibility of data corruption I sugest using a smart UPS with management software installed and configured so that before battery power goes out it will do a clean shutdown and also restart the system when AC power is restored (see apcupsd).
That is what I'm using.

Sebastian Seidl
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