How can I switch from one network interface to another without rebooting my system (7.2R)?

Problem description: I've got a laptop with two network interfaces (wired em0 and wireless ath0). Every now and then I have to set up a DSL wireless box which comes with default settings so that I have to start with connecting my laptop via em0. em0 gets IP address from wireless box by DHCP. I log in to web interface and set everything up including WLAN and restart wireless box. At this point I would like to switch to ath0 and start using internet connection via wireless box.
I'm taking em0 interface down with "ifconfig em0 down" and unplug the cable.
I'm changing /etc/rc.conf entries to:
ifconfig_ath0="WPA DHCP"
Then I'm doing "/etc/rc.d/netif restart" and ath0 gets IP address via DHCP and is connected to wireless box (/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf is set up).

But whenever I try to ping anything (including wireless box) I get "interface down" message because my system still tries to use em0.
What else should I do to tell it that I'm connected to network via ath0 now?

Any suggestions are welcome.
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