Frank Shute wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 01:59:05AM -0400, Glen Barber wrote:
>> On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 12:43 AM, Steve Bertrand<> wrote:
>>> Apologies up front for the off-topic'dness.
>>> I'm thoroughly enjoying my new editor, and swiftly learning and
>>> experiencing the benefits. As a matter of fact, nearly everywhere I
>>> type, the common commands come naturally, and I get frustrated that all
>>> of my software doesn't work like vi does :)
>>> Getting to the point, I'd like to find a vi(m) community, but the list
>>> subscribe that appears authoritative for vim-users bounces. I despise
>>> and refuse to belong to web forums.
>>> Given that, where can I go to follow vim discussions, without having to
>>> bring it up OT here on my favourite list?
>> Hi, Steve
>> Google has a Vim group.  I'm not sure if you need a Google account or not.
>> And, of course, there's this one:
> I'm a member of that list which is a straightforward mailing list
> AFAIK (Disclaimer: I do have a google account but I can't remember if
> that was necessary to sign up).

Thanks all,

I'll check out how to configure my mailer with Google Groups for this list.

> I've found it a very helpful list and I've learnt a lot being
> subscribed to it despite being a +10yr user of vim. Even Bram Molenaar
> posts there occasionally.

Nice to know that long-term users parade around in the list. It then, is
much like this one, and a few others that I am on.

Before I foray into configuring my email program to work with Google
Groups, I have one more (simple, I think) question regarding Vim. (I
couldn't come up with the proper Gooliage):

I'd like to create a keyboard map so instead of doing:

- _dd (I believe the underscore is referred to as 'blackhole')

I can do:

- CTRL-whatever

I have a lot of operations that consist of this:

- p
- j
- $
- i
- <CR>
- ^[
- 3j
- i
- <TAB><CR>
- ^[
- 3dd

(not necessarily in that order)...and want an easier way to to do both
'dd' and 'd$' without wrecking the clipboard which I have saved a yank to.

fwiw, the box I'm doing this work on is a jail (with both v4 and v6!) under:

:! uname -a

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