Michal wrote:
>Mel Flynn wrote:
>> If these are on the same network (like most wireless routers), it can pay off
>> to use lagg(4) and then simply unplug the cable. Plug it back in and it will
>> use the cable again. You would need:

>In my case usually it's some testing environment so I needed more of a
>quick kludge. But thats very interesting idea for my home network, I'll
>definitely have to check it out, thanks!

And of course, you can also automate this via devd.conf(5), by
instructing the system to run the rc.d scripts or other
commands/scripts if one of your NICs is attached/detached, or upon
other conditions.  There are related examples in the devd.conf(5)
manpage and the default /etc/devd.conf

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