> > What did I miss?  Does one have to become an "expert" to work with this
> All I have to say is that people tell me that practice makes perfect
> (eventually, with help from these lists of course ;o)
> No one can know everything, so it's the frustration and anguish that makes
> success much more enjoyable. (Unless there are corporate mandates with
> superiors breathing down your neck, but that's another story)
> Just my $0.02.
> Steve>

I've received some valuable technical feedback and support from taxman and
(sorry, but I neglected to cc the group) and have decided to take the
opportunity to
try a source rebuild also.  If that doesn't work, then I'll reinstall.  The
key word here is opportunity and this is my opportunity to practice and

I wanted to focus on web design and web applications, so obviously, when
something like this happens it's easy to get frustrated.  However when a
situation calls for the systems administrator, reality dictates that I have
my systems admin act together.  So, on with the show and stop crying.

Your $0.02 is always welcome.  To a newbie, it's worth a lot more.


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