Dear all,


I started to use FreeBSD last week and encountered a few problems. I'd
be grateful if any of you could give a hand.


I installed FreeBSD 7.2 on Dell GX520 with two network adaptors, one
on-board and the other PCI addon. They are all 10/100 baseT auto. The
workstation has 2.8GHz CPU, 512MB RAM and 80G IDE Hard disk.


The installation went successfully. After the FreeBSD was installed, I
firstly installed Apache22, then php5, and nfsen1.3 including Port
Tracker. I have configured apache and nfsen properly so that nfsen.php
page could be viewed properly on other workstations within the network.
Now that I could see the diagrams generated by nfsen, I then installed
fprobe on the same workstation in hope to capture data from one network
interface and projected it as netflow for nfsen. Fprobe was installed


I configured the on-board network card named as bge0 as dhcp client to
receive ipv4 address from DHCP in my network. I then connected the other
PCI network card named as vr0 to my core Cisco 3560 switch. I configured
on switch to monitor session 1 to mirror g0/22 rx traffic to g0/2 which
was connected to vr0. When I checked on the switch, show inter gi0/2 and
gi0/2 counters. I could see the port was in monitoring status and
overnight about 10G data had been sent to vr0. Physically I could see
the LED on vr0 flickering madly showing the data were transmitting.


I typed fprobe -i vr0 and also fprobe -i vr0


Here came the problem, when I typed tcpdump -n -i lo0 dst port 9995 I
could see any udp sent to port 9995, no matter how long I waited.

I then typed fprobe and fprobe localhost:9995 (Sorry I
was not sure which one was correct.)

This time tcpdump showed UDP traffic to port 9995 and nfsen did capture
some data. However, after a night it only showed very few traffic
through, most of which were dns and broadcasting traffic! So fprobe
didn't get anything from vr0 at all.


I have searched the web and checked the syntax for fprobe and manual
didn't explain much in this.


Where was I getting wrong? Could anyone give me a hand?





James Ren


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