>from same script.  Let me know, please, if it's ok?

Well, not quite.

># Update source, docs and ports

You don't need to change directories if you change some of the
commands slightly, so the above line and the last line are

>cd /usr/share/examples/cvsup
>csup ports-supfile

The example scripts shouldn't be run as-is: you need to edit them
first, or issue more flags on the command-line.  For instance, for the
ports-supfile you need at least to either change the

*default host ...

line to use the server of your choice, or issue a -h flag with the
right server in your script. (The choice of the right server can make
a substantial difference in how long this process takes -- you can
experiment with different servers, and/or use the
sysutils/fastest_cvsup port to find one that works well for you.  Not
every server is updated at the same interval.)  Also, you can avoid
changing directories by just using a full path to the cvsup script
file.  So, for example, you should replace the above two lines in the
script with something like:

csup -L 2 -h cvsup1.ca.FreeBSD.org /usr/share/examples/cvsup/ports-supfile

I prefer to increase the verbosity with the -L switch, so that I have
a better idea of what's happening if something goes wrong.  All of
this is covered in the FreeBSD Handbook.  Also, you need not use
csup(1) at all if you prefer to use portsnap(8) instead.

>cd /usr/ports
>make fetchindex

>/usr/local/sbin/portsdb -u

You don't need all of the three previous lines: you can just run
'portsdb -F' or 'portsdb -Fu' instead.  Also, these lines and the line
below require one of the portupgrade ports to be installed, but I
guess you know that.  If you're not planning on using portupgrade,
then don't use the portsdb or pkgdb commands, but just run: 'make -C
/usr/ports fetchindex' instead.

>/usr//local/sbin/pkgdb -uvF


As I mentioned, you don't need this last line.

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