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That raises another question... How feasible is it to restore a server
from these backups? Is it really possible to install 7.2 on a new machine
and then just copy the backed up data onto the new machine?

I guess I should really verify the value of my backups by trying to do
exactly that!

I once had a 5.4 machine that lost its primary hard drive. (Was supposed to be RAID mirrored, but this was the only boot drive.) We got a new drive, installed a fresh copy of 5.4 and copied back all the data files. Those were "backed up" using rsync to a USB drive I keep at work. This was a standalone internet addressable server running http, imaps, dns and a pot full of other things - the only server for this domain. (It now has two.)

Everything worked as expected, and no data was found to be missing or unrecoverable. We were down for a while, but we lost nothing.

And yes, you should test your recovery procedures to make sure your backups are actually working. There's nothing like trying to restore from backup only to discover your backups were never really working.

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