Rob wrote:

> The only difference I've found is that in the RocketRAID BIOS, the 3 
> 500GB drives are recognized with a Legacy Status, whereas the 1TB is 
> recognized as New Status.  Not sure what that means or how to 
> change it. 

Your "problem" is that the old drives you have hooked up to the
RocketRAID card all have a partition table. When the RR BIOS sees that
partition table it assumes it is a "Legacy" drive and exposes it to the
OS as a single drive JBOD array. Your brand new 1 TB drive has nothing
on it, and your RocketRAID card is waiting for you to initialize it and
create an array with it before exposing it to the OS.

You have two options:
1. Use the RR2310 BIOS screen (or hptraidconf from inside FreeBSD) to
initialize the drive and create a single drive JBOD array with it.
2. Connect the drive to a header on your motherboard and create a
partition table on it, then reconnect it to your RR2310 card.

Partition table example:
# gpart create -t GPT adXX
# gpart add -b YY -s ZZ -t freebsd-ufs adXX

/Daniel Eriksson
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