On Sun 2009-08-23 10:24:53 UTC+0200, Vincent Zee (zen...@xs4all.nl) wrote:

> ===>  Vulnerability check disabled, database not found
> ===>  Extracting for netatalk-2.0.4,1
> => MD5 Checksum mismatch for netatalk-2.0.4.tar.bz2.
> => SHA256 Checksum mismatch for netatalk-2.0.4.tar.bz2.

I'm getting a checksum mismatch here too.  This probably means the
tarball was modified.

> I checked the distinfo file and it is the same as on my other machine.
> On which the update went fine.

Solution #1: Use "make NO_CHECKSUM=yes", just ignore the mismatch and
hope it will build.

Solution #2: Copy /usr/ports/distfiles/netatalk-2.0.4.tar.bz2 from
your other machine and rebuild.

Solution #3: Don't bother building from ports if you already have a
working binary on your other machine.  Use "pkg_create -vb
netatalk\*", copy the resulting file to the new machine, then use
pkg_add.  This assumes the same architecture (eg. i386) on both
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