Wednesday, 19 August 2009 at 16:00:25 -0700, Steve Franks said:
> >> Al Plant wrote:
> >> > Jeff Hamann wrote:
> >> >> I would like to try some experimental software on a netbook. Can
> >> >> somebody recommend a netbook that can do FreeBSD.
> I'm displeased with my Lenovo S10.  On the upside, all the hardware
> worked on 7.2 out of the box, after I swapped the internal broadcom
> wifi for a highpower atheros.  The ACPI is a real nightmare on it,
> however.  dmesg is constantly full of acpi barfs, and it hangs on
> shutdown, and won't suspend, which is pretty much a requirement for a
> notebook at my house.  Tried all the standard lenovo acpi hacks, but
> no luck.

I'm running 7.2 release on an s10e. The acpi is a problem - but David Naylor on 
the acpi@ list gave me a patch which eliminated most of the errors. Let me know 
if you're interested and I'll ping it over (or try the acpi list to see if 
there's an update).

Haven't tried suspend-resume, but I am running the broadcom wireless 
successfully with ndis.

Peter Harrison.

> Steve
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